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Testa Paisa – Win Rewards, App Android Earning app is a type of earning-oriented app where users will play some fun tasks to get rewards and you’ll earn for that. Simple! The more users will use; the more you’ll earn. Just buy once and earn forever. we can assist and guide you in everything step by step.

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4 Tasks

  • Play Games
  • Watch Video
  • Scratch
  • Wheel


Daily Bonus: 1 Point

Watch Video Ads: 2 Points

Install App: 15 Points

Break Time: 10 Minutes

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Payment Proof

1.Resam PunEsewa2022-06-097500
2. Sachit RanaEsewa2022-06-097500
3.Bhuwan KhadkaEsewa2022-06-107500
4.Mamata DahalEsewa2022-06-107500
5.Amrica RanaEsewa2022-06-137500
6.Ishwor ShresthaEsewa2022-06-137500
7.Kamal GurungEsewa2022-06-157500
8.Shiba BohoraEsewa2022-06-157500
9.Sanjana chaudharyEsewa2022-06-157500
10.padam thakurathiEsewa2022-06-157500
11.Rajiv TamangEsewa2022-06-157500
12.Bishal GurungEsewa2022-06-167500