Different Plans Available For DTH TV At Payrup
Different Plans Available For DTH TV At Payrup

Different Plans Available For DTH TV At Payrup

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DTH TV recharge online using Payrup

India is widely known as the largest DTH market all across the world, with the maximum number of subscribers. Direct-to-Home (DTH) receives signals transmitted from direct-broadcast satellites and provide television connections to the users. The first-ever DTH service came around in October 2003 by Dish TV. DTH television is truly incredible with its easy setup, interactive services and competitive offerings. Today, a huge number of households prefer DTH television services. Along with this, they offer the set-up box for the installation process.  And with this, the bill payment for your DTH service is very important. There are numerous platforms available that provide you with the bill payment service and some very amazing promo codes as well. Among these platforms, one of the finest is Payrup which helps you pay your DTH bill payment in a very safe and secured manner. Here, at Payrup, there are mainly five DTH operators available such as Airtel Digital TV, d2h, Dish TV, SUN TV, and TATA PLAY. 

In this article, we will be talking about different plans available for DTH TV at Payrup. So, let’s get started!Different DTH Plans 

Airtel DTH Recharge Plans

Airtel Digital TV is considered as the best service provider based on its amazing packages and offers, which are: 

Airtel DTH Plans & Packs

Benefit & Validity of the Plan 

Recharge Price

Airtel Digital TV Hindi Value Lite SD Pack New

74 Channels for 1 Month


Airtel Digital TV Uttam UDP 12M HD Pack

72 Channels for 12 Months


Airtel Digital TV MAH Value Sports SD Plus Pack New

116 Channels for 1 Month


Airtel Digital TV Karnataka Plus 6M Pack

70 Channels for 6 Months


Airtel Digital TV AP Plus 6M Pack

74 Channels for 6 Months


Airtel Digital TV New AP SD Plus Pack New

73 Channels for 1 Month


Airtel Digital TV Hindi Value Sports 6M Pack

122 Channels for 6 Months


Airtel Digital TV TN Ssp Pack With Kids 6M Pack

73 Channels for 6 Months


Airtel Digital TV Dabang SD Pack New

95 Channels for 1 Month


Airtel Digital TV UDP Pack With Star Plus & Star Sports 12M

71 Channels for 12 Months


Sun Direct Recharge Plans 

Being the fastest growing DTH service provider, Sun Direct offers a wide array of plans and packs for you to choose from, which are: 

Sun Direct Plans & Packs  

Benefit & Validity of the Plan


Sun Direct Telugu Value

81 Channels for 1 Month


Sun Direct Tamil Value

78 Channels for 1 Month


Sun Direct Telugu Super

103 Channels for 1 Month


Sun Direct Kannada Super

89 Channels for 1 Month


Sun Direct Tamil Economy

59 Channels for 1 Month


Sun Direct Hd Tamil Prime Plus 6 M

51 Channels for 6 Months


Sun Direct Hd Tamil Prime Plus 3 M

51 Channels for 3 Months


Sun Direct Kids Jodi Pack

7 Channels for 1 Month


Sun Direct Kannada DPO 1

56 Channels for 1 Month


Sun Direct Tamil DPO 3

102 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Recharge Plans 

Tata Play is the first to provide customized packages and ala-carte channels for users. Here are the recharge plans: 

Tata Play Plans & Packs

Benefit & Validity of the Plan


Tata Play Hindi Basic HD Pack

78 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Tamil Basic Pack

63 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Hindi Smart Pack

38 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Telugu Basic

57 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Family Kids Pack

92 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play FTA Complimentary

144 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Marathi Hindi Basic New Pack

74 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Telugu Basic HD

58 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Kannada Family Kids Sports New

75 Channels for 1 Month


Tata Play Hindi Movies

16 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Recharge Plans

Dish TV provides some very amazing recharge plans and has recently introduced DishFlix service which is video-on-demand at a monthly subscription of Rs. 100. Here are the plans: 

Dish TV Plans & Packs

Benefit & Validity of the Plan

Recharge Price

Dish TV Hindi Premium

189 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Super Family HSM HD

205 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Super Family Marathi

208 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Classic Hindi

156 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Hindi Prime HD

190 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Super Sports HSM

231 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Premiere Kannada SD

219 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Super Family Marathi HD

221 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Super Family HSM

201 Channels for 1 Month


Dish TV Premiere Telugu SD

203 Channels for 1 Month


D2H Recharge Plans 

Being the most popular DTH provider, D2H offers more than 490 channels. It provides different recharge plans that delivers the best value for the services, which are:

Videocon d2h Plans & Packs

Benefit & Validity of the Plan

Recharge Price

Videocon d2h Hamara Hindi Combo

86 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Platinum Combo

113 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Amcha Marathi Plus Combo

71 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Gold Kannada Combo

55 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Gold Telugu

52 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Hamara Hindi HD Combo

87 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h All Of Tamil

18 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Gold HD Combo

63 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Gold Marathi Combo

42 Channels for 1 Month


Videocon d2h Diamond Tamil Combo

73 Channels for 1 Month

¹202.85How to pay your DTH bill online using Payrup? 

Before we begin, let’s discuss the steps involved in paying your DTH TV recharge online using Payrup, which hardly takes a few minutes. These steps are:

Visit the website: The first and foremost step involved in this is to visit the official website of https://payrup.com/ and log in with your details. After this, go to the “DTH Recharge” option in the menu. 

Select operator: Now, select your DTH operator and the service type. And add the customer details and billings amount.

Proceed: Check the details and proceed to your DTH TV recharge online.

Payment mode: Now, select your preferred mode of payment for paying your DTH TV recharge online and complete the transition.

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