Fixed Deposits Vs. SIP: Which Fits You the Best
Fixed Deposits Vs. SIP: Which Fits You the Best

Fixed Deposits Vs. SIP: Which Fits You the Best

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SIP (systematic investment plan) is the way to invest in mutual funds, where people need to make small deposits at regular intervals. Fixed deposit (FD) is another investment option where people have to deposit a fixed amount and get the lump sum with applicable interest on maturity.

Fixed deposits allow you to invest in a secure account that provides you with a higher rate of interest. It also offers you a 0.50% interest rate for senior citizens. 

If you are confused about deciding the best investment option, between the SIP or FD, then this article helps you make the right decision. 

What is FD

An FD (fixed deposit) is an investment option that permits people to put in a lump sum for a fixed term. You can get FD services online from banks or non-bank financial companies. Keep in mind that you are unable to break your FD within the tenure. 

If you still want to break your FD during the tenure, you must pay your bank some fees. When the FD tenure is complete, the whole invested amount, with interest, is sent to the person’s account. 

What is SIP

SIP (systematic investment plan) is another option that permits people to put in a small amount of money every month. SIP work like a stepping stone for investors with mutual funds. 

SIP also works like a goal-oriented investment. The best thing is that people can easily achieve their objectives and future goals with the help of SIP. You can also use the SIP calculator to know the interest before investing in SIP. 

SIP has the Power of compounding: It means Reinvesting the accrued profits, The principal amount is raised as a result of the investment of the interest gained on the principal.

Pros of fixed deposits 

  • One of the best things about fixed deposits is that they are risk-free investment options. 
  • Fixed deposit is a type of investment that give you guaranteed returns on your investments. 
  • It provides the flexibility to people to choose the amount and tenure of investment according to their needs and convenience. 
  • Investors can make the overdraft withdrawal easily with fixed deposits
  • You can also avail yourself of the tax benefits if you invest in a five-year tax savings FD.
  • Investors can easily make the overdraft withdrawal through Fd
  • You can avail of the loan easily, depending upon the fixed deposit term and amount. 

Pros of systematic investment plan 

  • Investors do not need to monitor the interest rates if they invest in SIP. 
  • It’s a low initial investment, so this may be a reasonable option for you to make monthly investments without straining your budget.
  • People can easily invest in SIP according to their needs. They can also use the bonus features of SIP to track the activity of their assets at the convenience level. 
  • Unlike the FD, you can easily deposit or withdraw money at SIP

Final verdict

SIP and FD both investment options have come with unique benefits for people with different use of SIP and FD. There is some difference between both investment options, FD or SIP. As an investor, you must determine your need first and what exactly you are looking forward to as the future option, analyze all the above facts, and then choose the investment option according to your needs and requirements.

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