Spotify vs Apple Music - Which is Better?
Spotify vs Apple Music - Which is Better?

Spotify vs Apple Music – Which is Better?

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Spotify vs Apple Music, both offer similar libraries and features, but what are the main differences between both platforms? Find out here.

Spotify and Apple Music are sources of millions of songs, and you find new music instantly. Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most famous music services.

They offer expert-made playlists and let you follow your favorite artists. Some even have high-quality sound!

If you are considering trying a new music service or are simply interested in the differences between Spotify and Apple Music, this comparison will help you determine which option is best for you! In this blog article, we’ll look into what differentiates Spotify and Apple Music so you can choose which one you prefer.

So, Spotify vs Apple Music: What to Choose?

Spotify and Apple Music both shine in their ways, and the choice between them depends on what you value most in a music service. Apple Music’s superior sound quality and extensive music library cater to audiophiles and dedicated music fans looking for depth and breadth in their musical explorations. 

On the other hand, Spotify stands out for its social sharing capabilities, a more engaging and personalized music discovery experience, and a more accessible pricing model, especially with its free tier.

For music artists pondering between these platforms, Spotify offers a larger potential audience and innovative tools for engagement and insights into listenership. Meanwhile, Apple Music’s higher payout rates and seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem can be more appealing for some artists. 

Additionally, artists looking to boost their visibility on Spotify can explore services like Boost Social Media to increase Spotify follower count, enhancing their reach and potential for discovery on the platform.

Ultimately, whether you’re a listener who loves to dive deep into music libraries or enjoys sharing your latest finds with friends, your preference between Spotify and Apple Music will depend on these offerings. 

Each service provides unique benefits, so consider what features matter most to you in your music streaming experience.

What are the Main Differences Between Spotify and Apple Music?

Feature Apple Music Spotify Winner Sound Quality Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz, spatial audio with Dolby Atmos support Maximum 320kbps, working on adding lossless audio (Spotify HiFi) Apple Music Music Library Size Over 100 million songs Over 80 million songs, including podcasts Apple Music Playlists/Recommendations Human-curated playlists, catching up in recommendation algorithms Better at recommending music, strong algorithm, curated playlists Spotify Social Media Sharing Basic social media integration Advanced social-sharing features, Spotify Codes Spotify Price Comparison No free plan starts at $4.99/month, student plan at $5.99/month Free plan with ads, paid plans start at $10.99/month, student plan at $5.99/month Spotify For Music Artists Higher royalties, seamless Apple ecosystem integration Larger user base, potentially broader audience, robust data insights Depends on priorities Availability Available on iOS, macOS, iPad, Android, Windows Available on almost every platform, a consistent streaming experience Spotify

Here is the head-to-head comparison between the two popular audio streaming platforms.

1. Sound Quality

Spotify and Apple Music differ in terms of sound quality. Apple Music has many good-sounding songs. It uses a particular file format called ALAC, which can play high-quality music, like CDs. Some songs sound like you’re in the middle of the music with Dolby Atmos.

The only downside is that you can’t get the best sound quality on Windows computers.

Spotify also has many songs, but they sound a bit different. They use a format called Ogg Vorbis and offer three sound qualities, the best of which is only for paid users. There’s talk about a new, even better sound quality called HiFi, but it’s yet to be available. It might be part of a new Spotify membership called ‘Supremium.

2. Music Library Size

Both Apple Music and Spotify provide many songs to listen to. Apple claims to have over 100 million songs, whereas Spotify has over 80 million. Spotify also contains around 2.6 million podcasts, although Apple Podcasts has various accessible podcasts.

So, Apple Music offers a more extensive selection if you solely want music. But whether you pick Apple Music or Spotify, you’ll find the singers and bands you like unless you’re really into scarce music.

3. Playlists And Recommendations

Music streaming services rely heavily on their recommendation algorithms, which are crucial for success. While Spotify initially had a decisive advantage in this area, Apple Music has steadily improved its algorithm. Right now, lots of people think Spotify’s way of suggesting music is perfect. 

However, Apple Music offers many playlists created by actual people, which some people may prefer. Whether Spotify or Apple Music is superior is a question of opinion, mainly determined by the genre of music you like. The best strategy is to try both services and discover which playlists and recommendations match your interests.

4. Social Media Sharing

Spotify stands out for its many ways of sharing music. You can share songs on Instagram and Facebook, share album art on Snapchat (which links to the song), or create scannable Spotify Codes to share music and playlists on any messaging app.

Apple Music lets you share playlists with other users over AirDrop or create links to share elsewhere. However, its integration into social media is simpler than Spotify’s. It might not matter if you prefer to keep your music habits private.

5. Price Comparison

Service Free Plan Paid Plans Student Discount Family Plan Spotify Limited Standard ($10.99/month) $5.99/month with Hulu Duo ($14.99/month)   Ad-supported Duo ($14.99/month) (With Ads) access Family ($16.99/month)     Family ($16.99/month)   (Includes Spotify Kids) Apple Music No Voice ($4.99/month) $5.99/month with Apple TV+ Standard ($10.99/month)     Standard ($10.99/month) (Free Apple TV+) Family ($16.99/month)     Family ($16.99/month)   The same region required

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to listen to tracks without paying anything. You may register for free, but you will hear advertisements. You have the option of paying for a better plan. There are three options to choose from: Standard ($10.99 per month), Duo ($14.99), and Family ($16.99). 

The Family plan even comes with Spotify Kids. Students can obtain a discount and pay $5.99 per month. That also gives you Hulu with ads.

Apple Music doesn’t have a free option. Its starting plan, Apple Music Voice, costs $4.99/month but is limited. It also has other plans: Standard for $10.99/month and Family for $16.99/month.

Students can get a special deal at $5.99/month, including Apple TV+, for free. If you pick Spotify’s Family or Duo plans, everyone using them must live in the same place. However, for Apple Music’s Family plan, you must have the same region in iTunes.

6. For Music Artist

Consider a few factors while deciding between Spotify and Apple Music as an artist for your music. Spotify has approximately 551 million users globally. That means more people might hear your music. Apple work compensates musicians extra every time someone listens to their work. It’s ideal if you own Apple products such as iPhones or iPads. 

Both Spotify and Apple Music show the number of people listening to your music, but Spotify is easier to use.

Finally, everything comes down to what is essential to you. Spotify could be a better option if you want many people to hear your music. However, Apple Music could be a better option if you want to generate more money.

7. Availability

Apple Music can be accessed via iPhones, iPads, Android phones, desktop PCs, the Internet, and other platforms. However, Spotify is compatible with a broader range of devices than Apple Music. Spotify is compatible with smart TVs, game consoles, and smart speakers.

Therefore, Spotify works on more items. Spotify works the same on all things, but Apple Music might work differently depending on what you’re using.


Why do people prefer Spotify?

People like using Spotify because it’s not just for listening to music—it also lets you be social. You can connect with friends, make playlists, and enjoy things like Spotify Wrapped. This makes using Spotify more fun and easy.

Who has more users, Apple Music or Spotify?

Spotify has more people using it than Apple Music. Spotify has over 551 million users and 220 million pay for it. Apple Music has more than 88 million users all around the world.

Does Apple Music have more content than Spotify?

Apple Music has more music options, especially for older albums, compilations, and artists who have recently taken their music off Spotify. Most people might see a slight difference in what’s available on both platforms.

Wind Up!

It’s clear that Spotify and Apple Music both have their own special features that make them great. Whether you’re all about discovering new songs with cool playlists on Spotify or you’re after top-notch sound quality and a huge song library on Apple Music, there’s something for everyone. 

Your perfect choice really comes down to what matters most to you when you’re jamming out to your favorite tunes or discovering new ones. So, take them for a spin, see which one hits the right notes for you, and enjoy the music that makes your world go round.

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